Is this thing on?

tap tap feedback screech Did you miss me? To be honest, I didn’t miss me; I’d nearly forgotten that I had this WordPress instance running.  It’s been kicking its heels patiently for three years. Three years. That’s two elephant pregnancies.  Or thirty-something White House cabinet members. I just reread the last post I made in 2016.  A […]


I’ve booked tickets over Easter for a quick trip to the folks before I leave for California for April. I can’t believe I was last over there nearly two months ago for stepdad’s 85th. Where does the time go?!  I was going to hold off until I’d heard from some of my customers, who have made noises […]


She regards her pale reflection As it turns this way and that In the dark, dusty attic mirror Should she wear a different hat? Will he notice her new outfit? She smiles a little at that She wonders at the weather It’s still most beastly cold Spring is just beginning And the winter feels old […]

Predictive Models and the Life Sciences

Derek Lowe over at In the Pipeline (which I would unhesitatingly recommend to read if you’re remotely interested in how medicinal chemistry happens) discusses a new paper which addresses some of the systemic issues in drug discovery, namely the inconsistent use of predictive models (PMs) for making decisions about how drugs proceed through the discovery pipeline. A big chunk of […]