I’ve booked tickets over Easter for a quick trip to the folks before I leave for California for April. I can’t believe I was last over there nearly two months ago for stepdad’s 85th. Where does the time go?!  I was going to hold off until I’d heard from some of my customers, who have made noises about me coming to visit them, but I really don’t want to leave off seeing the folks for another month.  If I went over there in early May, that would have been nearly three and a half months since I saw them — too long.
So it’s nearly time to start arranging to move out of my friend Ole‘s place, which has been my home for these last seven months while he’s been touring Australia and New Zealand. I can’t believe I’ve nearly been in Denmark for a year already (that would be on April 9th). Next week, I’m going to book a storage unit and hire a man with a van to take stuff away a few days before I head off to Spain, and then I can get the cleaning done.
I’m back in the office in California for a couple of weeks at the beginning of April — it’s going to be so nice to see my colleagues again — then I’m going to take a fortnight off and go and see friends and family and just generally be badly behaved for a while up in Mendocino and in SF and Humboldt County.
Then it’s back to DK and the search for a new place to live starts again. I’m torn between getting a larger, cheaper place out in the country, and getting something smaller and pricier in Copenhagen. I’ve seen places for rent out in the country that are basically run down farmhouses for 5,000 DKK per month, with workshops and acres of land, which could be fun. It’d be more fun if I owned the place, but that’s not going to happen just yet, not until our company share price goes up a bit higher …
I can have a good think over April, and hopefully I can get something sorted out fairly quickly when I get back. I’m booking a room at Hotel 27 for a week at the beginning of May anyway, just to be on the safe side.
Being in Spain over Easter does mean I won’t be available for the March Charlie’s Bar pub quiz, but I’m beginning to doubt the wisdom of scheduling it for Easter Sunday, anyway. I’ll still get it prepped, and I have an understudy who has said they’d be happy to do the quiz itself, if needed.

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