A beginning is a delicate time

Back in 2003, I started keeping a blog, because that’s what us happening young kids were doing then.  I still have all the files backed up somewhere, probably in a Google Drive folder, or on a defunct Mac Mini buried in my storage unit in Mission Bay in San Francisco.  In it, I wrote about life in Denmark, science, literature, and anything that caught my jackdaw eye on the internet.  It wasn’t brilliant, but it was mine.

For various reasons in about 2010 I stopped renewing the domain (daen.dk) and so it slipped from my grasp along with seven years of accumulated wisdom.  The world reeled from this loss, and then, somehow, managed to get a hold of itself and kept spinning.

It wasn’t so great a loss; I’d already turned to Facebook in around 2007 in order to dispense my joy and wisdom, as so many of us did in those halcyon days, through its happy blue balloon of a UI.

But lately, I find myself becoming more and more disillusioned with it as a medium to propagate anything other than cat photos or snarky posts about idiot politicians.  Something I enjoy is writing discursive essays on the state of various aspects of science, especially chemistry and genetic testing, and unfortunately Facebook is a less than perfect home for that kind of thing; it really doesn’t lend itself to long-form essays.

Which is why this new blog has been birthed, screaming and kicking, into the second month of the year.  Little does it know of the dreams and aspirations I have for it at its inception, the soaring and vicarious ambitions of the proud parent it will inspire along the way, or the bitter destination of disappointment and betrayal at which we will both inevitably arrive.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So rest, weary traveler, refresh yourself and your web browser, and dream of great things to come, for come they must!

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